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About (VCC) is a global service dedicated to providing up to the minute investor relations information and financial news on micro and small cap companies to the general public.  Our goal is to build awareness with retail and institutional investors, brokers, analysts and the investment community. 


VCC employs seasoned professionals and recognized providers in the investment community with over 100 years of combined experience in evaluating and tracking emerging growth companies that potentially may become blue chips of tomorrow i.e. members of the Fortune 500 or 1000 indexes.


VCC and its affiliates have a very high success rate in working with top notch emerging companies that may become very profitable investment opportunities.  Individuals who may choose to invest in these early stage companies have the opportunity to earn extremely high-profit returns. There is risk, any and all investment ideas whether featured herein or anywhere should be approached with caution, discussion with a licensed professional who can render advice and complete exhaustive due diligence is recommended. An unforeseen event could occur which may have a severe impact on a company which effects could be mitigated by diversification into a broad spectrum of investment vehicles that should be obtain from licensed professional who can render portfolio diversification.


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